5 Girl Boss Moves


Hello Gorgeous! 

This week, we're interviewing our fearless leader, Deb, for her top 5 Girl Boss moves that are guaranteed to help bring you to the top of the business food chain!  Deb knows that the fight to success is a long and tough battle, but she has held her ground by following these five tips and tricks religiously.  

Number One: Take the Plunge! 

There will always be a million excuses not to follow your dreams, but at some point, you have to throw those excuses away and listen to your gut and just go for it!  Let the excitement of beginning your journey guide you through all of the obstacles that seem to be telling you no.  It's much better to know that you tried and gave it your all, rather than having only the idea of 'What if'.  



Number Two: OWN IT

Fake it until you make it!  The phrase holds more truth than you might think.  You might not feel like you have everything together, but you have to be confident in what you do have.  That means you need to be using all of your assets!  This includes the skills you already have, your ability to learn more, and your friendships that will push you to the limit. 

Number Three: Work hard Girl!

Nothing worth doing is ever just presented to you on a silver platter.  You have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears.  There will be times where you will have to sacrifice your personal relationships for something you know will be beneficial to not just you, but those around you as well.  The people that truly love and care about you will be right by your side until the end of the road.  You will most definitely hit road blocks and tribulations, and on truly terrible days, you might just want to give up, but nothing will ever be more satisfying than standing on top of the mountain, telling yourself that you succeeded.  



Number Four: Ignore the Haters

Never let the negative influence of others keep you from achieving your goals.  There will always be whispers in your ear saying that what you're doing is impossible.  Take those whispers and turn them into fire to fuel your motivation to prove them wrong.  Make those green eyed monsters see what you are made of!  

Number Five: Stay Humble

As you grow and as your business grows, don't let your head grow too!  Keeping grounded is one of the most important tips to keep in mind.  Although you are a better version of yourself, your heart should be the same.  This means that you need to continue practicing kindness to others.  People will see your caring personality and it will reflect in your business.  


Whether you are wanting to start your own business, or you have another dream in mind, these five tips will help guide any person in the right direction.  All you have to do is keep your head up high, put one foot in front of the other, and take the plunge.  

That is all for today lovelies!  I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week, and crush every obstacle you face!  

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McKenzie Smith