Happy Holiday Hairstyles!

The year is coming to a close faster than we can say Happy Holidays!  Parties are happening left and right and we're having to put the finishing touches on our photo ready look, and the best way to top off our already perfect outfit is to add a just as glam hairstyle to go with it.  Today, we'll be showing you our favorite hair trends of 2017, so you can kick off the new year with a fierce holiday hair flip! 


We are loving this voluminous pony!  This look will have you feeling like you just walked out of the upper east side.  Go ahead and grab your Chuck Bass because not even Blair Waldrorf could bring this hairstyle down! 


There is never an occasion too casual or too formal for a bun and this style is the perfect combination of sleek and messy, so go ahead and hit up that holiday office soiree then make a quick change and head off to the ugly Christmas sweater party your best friend is hosting!  This look is perfect for both.

image3 (1).PNG

Amp up your half bun hairstyle by adding some french braid flare!  No one will question if you just rolled out of bed with this simple glam look, and if you think your hair is too short, think again!  This style looks great on all lengths of hair! 

IMG_0268 (1).PNG

You can never go wrong with the classic old Hollywood style curls.  This glamorous look is so easy and flattering on just about everyone!  If you don't believe you can achieve this style on your own, just come on into Blowtique and request The Rose Dawson!  

Now that we've got the hairstyles down, we hope that in the middle of all of the craziness and stress, that you remember to take a moment and just breath, and maybe try to treat yourself to something nice.  Whether that be a day at a salon, a soft cardigan, or even a glass of wine, we've got you at Blowtique!  

Thank you so much, lovelies!  We sincerely wish you the most merry of Christmases, and a very happy New Year.

Love yours truly,


*All photos were retrieved from Pinterest.com*


McKenzie Smith